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Asia’s Richest Man – Mukesh Ambani

  • जीवन में कुछ रिस्क ले, क्यूंकि अक्सर वो रिस्क लेने वाला ही होता है जो इतिहास के पन्नो को बदलता है..
  • My big advantage was to have my father accpet me as a first generation.
  • I am a big believer that technology shapes mankind.
  • Everybody has equal opportunity and i think thats true for everything.
  • Relationships and trust , this is the bedrock of life.
  • साहस एक ऐसी ताकत है जिससे डर को भी डर लगता है..
  • रिश्ते और विश्वास, यह जीवन के प्रमुख आधार है..
  • The most important which i have really learnt is how do you not give up, because you never succeed in first attempt.
  • हमारे लक्ष्य को हासिल करना महत्वपूर्ण है, लेकिन वह कीमत देकर नहीं जिससे नुकसान हो..
  • Essentially, whoever is successful, whoever is going to do things that make a difference, is going to be talked about.

Happy 4th July Quotes and Wishes

  • Land of the free home of the brave.
  • America is a tune, it must be sung together.
  • The United States is the only country with a known birthday. There is no Republican , no Democrat on the 4th of July. All are Americans.
  • I believe in America because we have great dreams and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true.
  • America without its soldiers would be God without Angels.
  • Liberty is the breath of life to nations.
  • America, America! God shed his grace on thee, and crown thy God with brotherhood. From sea to shining sea.
  • One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, one nation, evermore!!
  • As we celebrate our nations freedom, we honour the courageous men and women dedicated to preserving it.
  • The strength of the nation lies in the home of its people.

Family Quotes

  • When we have each other , we have everything.
  • The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.
  • Everyone needs a house to live in but a supportive family is what builds a home.
  • The family is a gift that lasts forever.
  • I sustain myself with love of my family.
  • A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.
  • Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.
  • Sticking with a family is what makes it a family.
  • You don’t choose your family, they are God’s gift to you as you are to them.
  • Love begins in our home by praying together.
  • A man should never neglect his family for business.
  • Family is not an important thing, it’s evrything.
  • Travelling in the company of those we love is home in motion.
  • All families are different and unique but they all have one thing in common – love.
  • One day you will realize material things mean nothing. All that matters is the well being of people in your life.

Sushant Singh Rajput – We will miss you

  • “Ek bowler wicket lega … ek acha batsman kisi match mein aapke liye run banayega, kisi match mein nahi banayega … lekin ek acha fielder har match mein aapke liye run bachayega”.
  • “Dusron se haarke loser kehlane se kahin zyada bura hai … khud se haarke loser kehlana”.
  • “Tumhara result decide nahi karta hai ki tum loser ho ki nahi … tumhari koshish decide karti hai” 
  • “Sache dost wohi hote hai … joh achhe waqt mein aapki bajate hai … aur jab mushkil waqt aata hai toh wohi chhichhore aapke darwaze par khade nazar aate hai”.
  • “Hum haar jeet, success failure mein itna ulajh gaye hai … ki zindagi jeena bhool gaye hai … zindagi mein agar kuch sabse zyada important hai … toh woh hai khud zindagi”.
  • “Jis mehfil ne thukraya humko, kyun us mehfil ko yaad kare … aage lamhe bula rahe hai, aao unke saath chale”.
  • “Success Ke Baad Ka Plan Sabke Paas Hai … 
    Lekin Agar Galti Se Fail Ho Gaye … 
    Toh Failure Se Kaise Deal Karna Hai … 
    Iski Koi Baat Hi Nahi Karna Chahta”.
  • “Ladkiyan na hero se nahi … heere se pyar karti hai”.

Life Quotes In Hindi

  • जो मन का नियंत्रित नहीं करते उनके लिए वह शत्रु के समान काम करता है..
  • व्यक्ति जो चाहे बन सकता है यदि विश्वास के साथ इच्छित वस्तु पर लगातार चिंतन करे..
  • बुरे कर्म करने नहीं पढ़ते हो जाते हैं और अच्छे कर्म करने पढ़ते हैं..
  • सदैव संदेह करने वाले व्यक्ति के लिए प्रसन्नता न इस लोक में है ना ही कहीं और..
  • मेरा- तेरा, छोटा-बड़ा, अपना- पराया , सब मन से मिटा दो, फिर सब तुम्हारा है और तुम सबके।

Don’t ever feel guilty for going after what you want in life. This is your life,you need to live it fully.

Best Yoga Quotes for International Yoga Day

Yoga is a medicine which should be taken daily. Yoga is a journey. You should start whenever you are ready. Yoga keeps you fit and healthy. Yoga cleanses your mind, body and soul. We have some great yoga quotes in Hindi and english specifically for International Yoga day.

  • योग मन को शांत रखने का अभ्यास है.
  • योग शरीर , मन और आत्मा को जोड़ना का विज्ञान है.
  • योग मनुष्य के शरीर , मन और आत्मा को ऊर्जा, ताकत और सौंदर्य प्रदान करता है..
  • योग करने के लिए चाहिए , सिर्फ आपका शरीर और आपका मन..
  • योग मनुष्य की मानसिक, शारीरिक और आत्मिक ऊर्जा बढ़ाता है..
  • योग हमे खुद से मिलाता है, योग ईश्वर की अनुभूति कराता है..

  • The real meaning of yoga is a deliverance with contact from pain and sorrow.
  • Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self and to the self.
  • Yoga is the practise of tolerating the consequences of being you.
  • Yoga is a skill in karma.
  • If you cant avoid action, You might as well act.

If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is greatest failure.

If you don't give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is greatest failure.

Attitude Quotes For Everyone

  • When you’re good, you’re good, when you’re awesome you’re me.
  • I’d explain it to you but I’m afraid your head might explode.
  • One day, I’m gonna make the onions cry.
  • If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
  • You pull me down to your level, n then u beat me by experience!
  • Attitude is like underwear, Don’t show it.. just wear it!
  • I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.
  • Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
  • My attitude depends on the people in front of me.
  • A good laugh and long sleep are two best cures for anything.
  • I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Beautiful Lines by Rahet Indori Saheb

1. जवानियों में जवानी को धुल करते है,
जो लोग भूल नहीं करते भूल करते है,
अगर अनारकली सबब है बगावत ए इश्क़ का,
तो सलीम हम तेरी शर्ते कबूल करते है ।

2. राज़ जो कुछ हो इशारों में बता देना,
हाथ जब उससे मिलाओ दबा भी देना,
नशा वेसे तो बुरी शे है, मगर
“राहत” से सुननी हो तो थोड़ी सी पिला भी देना..

3. नयी हवाओं को सोहबत बिगाड़ देती हैं,
कबूतरों को खुली छत बिगाड़ देती हैं,
जो जुर्म करते है इतने बुरे नहीं होते,
सज़ा न देके अदालत बिगाड़ देती हैं..

4. उसकी कत्थई आंखों में हैं जंतर मंतर सब,
चाक़ू वाक़ू, छुरियां वुरियां, ख़ंजर वंजर सब,
जिस दिन से तुम रूठीं,मुझ से, रूठे रूठे हैं,
चादर वादर, तकिया वकिया, बिस्तर विस्तर सब,
मुझसे बिछड़ कर, वह भी कहां अब पहले जैसी है,
फीके पड़ गए कपड़े वपड़े, ज़ेवर वेवर सब..

5. तुफानो से आँख मिलाओ, सैलाबों पे वार करो
मल्लाहो का चक्कर छोड़ो, तैर कर दरिया पार करो
फूलो की दुकाने खोलो, खुशबु का व्यापर करो
इश्क खता हैं, तो ये खता एक बार नहीं, सौ बार करो..

6. जुबा तो खोल, नज़र तो मिला,जवाब तो दे,,
में कितनी बार लुटा हु, मुझे हिसाब तो द,
तेरे बदन की लिखावट में हैं उतार चढाव,
में तुझको कैसे पढूंगा, मुझे किताब तो दे..